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Producing Aluminum Coils To Meet Your Needs

We added new electronics, gauge control, and new coolant and environmental upgrades to the mill. Furnaces have received new electronics for tighter temperature control, while also making us more energy efficient. We ship anywhere in the continental U.S., Canada and Mexico.


Quick Efficient Delivery

At Ashland Aluminum, our customer's needs come first. Need your order fast? We strive to deliver. Our regular production time is generally two weeks, or faster. Contact us today to learn more.

All Production Orders Welcomed

Our processing equipment includes a cold rolling mill, annealing furnaces, and slitting lines. Our mill enables us to hold consistent and exceptionally tight gauge tolerances and in many cases can hold the gauge tolerance to more than half of what commercial tolerance requires. We produce order quantities from 50 pounds to several million pounds depending on available starting inventory for required alloy, gauge, and temper. At Ashland Aluminum, we are always improving our equipment and processes to provide greater quality, more consistency, and better lead times for our customers.

Looking for cold rolled aluminum strip, precision-rolled aluminum coil, engineered flat rolled aluminum, aluminum strip, and tight tolerance aluminum? Contact us today.

Quality Finishing and Processing

At Ashland Aluminum we always maintain a standard of quality manufacturing with fast delivery, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.We have added new electronics, gauge controls, and new coolant and environmental upgrades to the mill. Our finishing equipment recently completed an upgrade, and a new software system has been added to make us more efficient.

Challenging Applications Accepted

Ashland Aluminum's coil will fulfill your forming and deep drawing requirements. We work with our metallurgists to help increase your yield of workable parts.


Ashland provides coil in three alloys:
1100, 3003, and 5052


We roll thicknesses ranging from .010" - .190" (0.254 4.836 mm)
We roll widths ranging from 4.00" -20.00"
The specific gauge capability is dependent on the alloy, temper and width requirements for specific orders.


Our slitting gauage range for aluminum is .008" - .200". the width range depends upon the gauge and material, but widths range from .375" -37" (9.525 - 939.8mm). Lighter gauge or narrower width requirements on a case by case basis.