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About-Us-Ashland-Aluminum.jpgAt Ashland Aluminum we always maintain a standard of quality processing with fast delivery, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. Our full line of processing equipment, combined with our highly skilled associates, enables us to offer deep-drawing quality and all other H-tempers for flat-rolled aluminum coil.

Our processing equipment includes annealing furnaces and slitting lines. Our processing equipment enables us to hold consistent and exceptionally tight tolerances and in many cases can hold the tolerances to less than half of what commercial tolerance requires. Each slitting line is dedicated to processing specific gauge ranges to ensure the highest quality slit edge. We can slit to widths between .250" and 60". We provide coils without cores or with fiber or aluminum cores.

At Ashland Aluminum, our customer's needs come first. Need your order fast? We strive to deliver. Our regular production time is generally two weeks, or faster.
200 South Detroit Street
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