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Ashland-Before---After.PNGIn the 1960's Ashland Aluminum began as Aluminum Mills Corporation in Chicago Illinois.  Aluminum Mills  became Ashland Aluminum in the 1970's and the company continued to grow. Ashland Aluminum purchased hot rolled coils from numerous integrated mills and then precision cold rolled the aluminum coils to fit their customer's needs.

Ashland Aluminum continued to operate in its cold rolling mill and processing facility in Chicago until 2013 when the assets were purchased by Jim Chain, owner of Chain Industries. Mr. Chain moved Ashland to its facility in Fowlerville, MI. This move to Fowlerville gave Ashland more room to expand their operations, which is exactly what they did. Shortly after the move, a cold rolling mill was purchased with new electronics, gauge control, a new coolant system and environmental upgrades were made. A new annealing furnace was added, and the processing lines were updated to prepare Ashland Aluminum for future growth.

Here at Ashland Aluminum we look forward to the future, as the aluminum industry continues to evolve and grow. We are constantly improving our cold rolling and annealing capabilities to produce additional alloys of aluminum for automotive, appliance, aerospace, building, construction, electronic and HVAC and metals distribution industries. Call or e-mail us today with any questions you may have or to receive a no obligation quote.

At Ashland Aluminum, our customer's needs come first. Need your order fast? We strive to deliver. Our regular production time is generally two weeks, or faster.
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